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Rules & Regulations

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The robot must start from the Start Box and carry 3 types of plants from the Start Box to the designated garden within 120 seconds.

Playing Field Specifications
  • The size of the Competition Field is 1220mm X 2440mm. The base of the field is white with black lines of 15 - 20mm width. (For details, see photo.)
  • The size of the Start Box is 300mm X 300mm.
  • The size of the green house box is 300mm X 300mm. There are 9 to 21 plants (trees, flowers and grass) in the green house.
  • The size of the garden is 170mm X 170mm. There are 6 gardens (3 gardens in the Recreational area, 2 gardens in the Industrial area and 1 garden in the Town area) in the playing field.
Components of the plant

Rules and Regulations
  • Each match will last for 120 seconds, during which the robot must carry the various plants from the Start Box to the designated gardens and return to the Start Box autonomously.
  • The dimensions of the robot (including any extended part after any automatic transformation) must not exceed 250mm X 250mm X 250mm in size.
  • Before assembly time, the judges will announce the areas of the 6 designated gardens (tree garden X 2, flower garden X 2 and grass garden X 2) and the quantity of each plant in the green house.
  • Before the match starts, the robot must be in the Start Box. Any part of the robot is not allowed to exceed the Start Box before the match starts.
  • As soon as the match starts, the contestant will manually take a plant (a tree, flower or grass) from the green house and place it inside the Start Box for the robot.
    The contestant can only place one plant at a time.
  • The robot starts from the Start Box and carries the plant to the designated garden within the time limit. The robot can only carry one plant on each run.
  • At any time during the match, if any part of the robot (including its projections) is not on or above the black line, the judge will call out “miss-track”. Then, the robot must be returned to the Start Box immediately and the judge will return the plant to the green house before the match can resume.
  • Once the robot is outside the Start Box, the contestant is not allowed to touch it. If the robot is touched, the contestant must return it to the Start Box immediately and the judge will return the plant to the green house.
  • When the robot returns autonomously to the Start Box after placing a plant, the contestant can touch and adjust the robot in the Start Box as soon as the robot or any part of it touches the Start Box.
  • Restart MUST be done in the Start Box and the contestant is ONLY allowed to run the robot if it does not exceed the Start Box limits.
  • If the robot does not finish the match or is unable to finish the match when time is up, the match is considered over. The contestant must shut down the robot immediately for the judges to calculate the points.
  • The points to be awarded are “mission points” and “time points”. The contestant has the option to choose whether to gain more “mission points” by completing more missions or to gain more “time points” by stopping after at least one mission.
  • Mission points:
    Scoring is according to the location of the plants after the contestant says “STOP” or time is over.
    • Each Garden in a different area is allocated different points. (Please refer to the competition field).
      • Garden in Town area = 100 points
      • Garden in Industrial area = 50 points
      • Garden in Recreational area = 20 points
    • Each type of plant is allocated different points.
      • Tree = 50 points
      • Flower = 40 points
      • Grass = 30 points
    • Mission points = The points for the Garden in a designated area + the points for the types of plants.
      The robot must place the plant completel inside tthe Garden area in order to get “mission” If the plant is placed partially inside the Garden area, it will get mission points but 10 points will be deducted.
    • Total mission points = sum of all the mission points
  • Time Points
    The robot will get “time points” ONLY if it can finish at least one mission, return to the Start Box autonomously and the contestant says “STOP” to the judges within 120 seconds. If the contestant does not say “STOP” or if the judges do not see any signal from the contestant to stop the match, the match is still considered running.
    Calculation of “time points” is as follows:
    Time points = (120 seconds – time taken in seconds)
    The robot took 60.5 seconds to complete the game.
    Time points = 120 seconds - 60.5 seconds = 59.5 points.
  • The total score for the game is the sum of “mission points” and “time points”.
  • Ranking is based on the higher score of the 2 matches.
  • In the event of a tie (when two or more teams have the same total score), ranking will be based on the robot’s weight. The lightest robot (including the batteries) will be the winner.

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