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The 2015 National Robotics Competition

Teams with existing robotic sets

Please ensure that your robotic sets are in satisfactory condition for best performance. Fax/email any orders to Sasbadi Holdings Berhad (if required).

Teams without robotic sets

Please fill in the order form to purchase your robotic sets and fax/email them to Sasbadi Holdings Berhad

Go to, fill in the online registration form before 30 April 2015.
Attend the NRC 2015 centralise competition briefings.
Playing field kits:
- Self-made (measurements are given here)
- Purchase them from Sasbadi Holdings Berhad (exact measurements and materials as used in NRC 2015)
Register the participants detail through our online portal - login before 30 April 2015.
Keep yourself updated on competition schedules in your local area