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How many motors are there in the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education Base Set (9797)?
 3 servo motors.

How many sensors are there in the LEGO® MINDSTORMS Education Base Set (9797)?
  2 touch, 1 light, 1 sound, and 1 ultrasonic

What is a servo motor?
 An electric motor whose speed or position is controlled by a closed loop feedback circuit that can sense its position. The speed of the motor is measured by a tachometer. The tachometer produces a voltage that is proportional to the speed. This voltage is compared to a reference point and the difference, or error, is used to adjust the speed of the motor, either up or down.

Is the new light sensor better than the LMfS legacy light sensor?
Not really. The only functional difference is that the new light sensor has a hole for an axel in the moving part.

Is the new touch sensor better than the LMfS legacy touch sensor?
Not really. The only functional difference is that the new touch sensor has a hole for an axel in the moving part.

What are converter cables used for?
The converter cables make it possible to connect lamps to the NXT brick. In addition, it also allows LMfS legacy sensors and motors to be connected to the NXT brick.

Why has LEGO changed the building system for the new product (from traditional SYSTEM bricks to TECHNIC beams)?
The TECHNIC building system is ideal for fast and sturdy building of 3D models which is why this is has become the preferred building system for LEGO® MINDSTORMS.

How easy will it be to use SYSTEM bricks from existing sets with TECHNIC building system?
It will be fairly simple, though it will take some practice. By having a larger number of SYSTEM bricks in the 9797 Base Set, that also are used in the building instructions, LEGO® Education will proactively support this possibility.

Is the rechargeable battery as powerful as 6 x AA batteries?
Not quite. The rechargeable battery will deliver the same max output but the durability is slightly lower. However, this is compensated for by utilizing the power better than standard AA batteries.

What is the charge time and conditions for the rechargeable battery?
Being a lithium battery is can be charged in small chunks without damaging the battery. The full charge time for a flat battery is approx. 4 hours using the existing charger (9833). The battery cannot be damaged by overcharging.

What is Robot Educator?
By use of 39 animated tutorials, Robot Educator will take the user through all areas of the programming software step-by-step. Each tutorial consists of a Challenge Brief, Building Guide, and Programming Guide. The in-build progression makes it possible for the teacher to focus on selected areas/functions that match student capabilities and curriculum needs. Robot Educator can also be used as a help function. When activated (i.e. not hidden), Robot Educator takes up 1/3 of the screen (on the right hand side), but can be zoomed to take up the entire screen when using the building guide.

Is the LEGO® MINDSTORMS Education NXT software compatible with Macintosh computers?
Yes, the software is delivered with both a pc and Mac version. 

What languages is the LEGO® MINDSTORMS Education NXT software available in?
In 2006, the software will be distributed in English, German, French, Dutch, and Japanese. In 2007, further 8 language versions will be launched including Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Chinese, and Russian.

Does MINDSTORMS NXT 1.0 run on Windows Vista?
Yes, Windows Vista can run applications that were designed for Windows XP. In some instances, the user may need administrator privileges for MINDSTORMS 1.0 to operate correctly. A new version of the MINDSTORMS NXT Software built for Windows Vista will be available in the summer of 2007.

How do I get help with Windows Vista and the MINDSTORMS NXT 1.0 software?
Technical support will not be provided for Windows Vista and version 1.0 of the NXT software at this point.

Does MINDSTORMS NXT 1.0 run natively on Intel-based Mac systems?
No, MINDSTORMS NXT 1.0 currently runs in emulation mode on Intel-based Macs. A new version of the MINDSTORMS NXT Software that runs natively on an Intel-based Mac will be available in the summer of 2007.

What is Bluetooth?
Bluetooth is a technical industry standard of short-range radio technology that facilitates communication between wireless devices. The communication occurs between wireless devices such as mobile phones, PDAs (personal digital assistants), or handheld computers and wireless enabled laptops, desktop computers, or peripherals. Once the connection between two devices is established (and approved) no third device can easily interfere. Bluetooth communication does not require eye of sight and can have a range up to 30 meters.

What can Bluetooth in the NXT brick be used for?
Bluetooth enables the NXT brick to communicate wireless to all devices with Bluetooth capabilities, e.g. computers, other NXT bricks, mobile phones, and PDAs. Exclusive to the LEGO® MINDSTORMS Education NXT software, Bluetooth also enables the computer to communicate wireless to several NXT bricks at the same time (classroom management). With Bluetooth, two or more NXT bricks can exchange programs and sound files, and a NXT can be remote controlled by a mobile phone.

How far can Bluetooth in the NXT brick reach?
Up to 10 meters as a minimum, but it is very likely to have longer reach.

Is it possible to safeguard the NXT brick from being “hacked” by others using Bluetooth communication (e.g. during competitions)?
Yes. The NXT brick can operate with "invisible" Bluetooth which means that it can communicate only with selected devices while no other devices will be able to "see" it. Alternatively, Bluetooth on the NXT brick can be switched off completely.

Why use a USB cable to connect the NXT brick to the computer when there is Bluetooth communication?
The USB cable ensures a fast and easy-to-use connection between the NXT and computer that does not require any Bluetooth capabilities in the computer. Furthermore, the USB cable must be used when downloading firmware to the NXT brick.

Will all types of Bluetooth senders/receivers (both in-build and external dongles) be usable for communicating with the NXT brick?
No, unfortunately there is not just one, but many different Bluetooth software standards. The LEGO® MINDSTORMS Education NXT software will support the most commonly used standards, but not all. Supported Bluetooth software are Widcomm® Bluetooth for Windows newer than v. SP5 and the Bluetooth stacks included in Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack 2 / Apple MacOS X 10.3.9 and 10.4.

Will there be any additional hardware necessary to access the Bluetooth capabilities of the NXT brick from already Bluetooth capable computers?
No. Computers with in-build Bluetooth communication will be able take full advantage of the capabilities in the NXT brick without additional hardware being needed.

How can I get full benefit of Bluetooth in the NXT brick when my computer does not have Bluetooth capabilities?
You can give your computer Bluetooth capabilities by using a USB Bluetooth dongle. A Bluetooth dongle is a small device that is easily plugged into the computers USB port (similar to a USB memory stick). A compatible Bluetooth dongle will be available in the LEGO Education assortment.

Will any third party Bluetooth dongle be compatible with the NXT brick?
Most Bluetooth dongles will probably be compatible but LEGO Education cannot take responsibility of the functionality of any third party product. Hence, it is strongly recommended that the LEGO distributed Bluetooth dongle is always used.

PDA/mobile phones are listed as compatible Bluetooth devices – does the LEGO® MINDSTORMS Education NXT software run on these devices?
No. The LEGO® MINDSTORMS Education NXT programming software is not meant to be operational on such devices. The level of communication/interaction between the NXT and a PDA/mobile phone is determined by the local software available on these devices.

What is done in order to help existing users to migrate to the LEGO® MINDSTORMS NXT platform?
The LMfS platform will continuously be supported (until end of 2009) so that existing users have time to migrate. ROBOLABTM 2.9 allows users to use the NXT brick with ROBOLAB and thereby, offer step-by-step migration. A migration community web site provides help and support to existing MINDSTORMS users.

Is the LEGO® MINDSTORMS Education NXT software capable of communicating with the RCX brick?
No. But the LMfS legacy sensors and motors can be used together with the NXT brick via a converter cable (included in the 9797 LEGO® MINDSTORMS Education Base Set).

Can the NXT brick be controlled using ROBOLAB software?
Yes. Simultaneous with the launch of the NXT platform, LEGO Education is launching ROBOLAB 2.9. This software communicates with both the RCX and NXT brick.

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